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Air Duct Cleaning Washington DC - Improving Indoor Air Quality

In need of air duct cleaning in Washington DC? Air Duct Cleaning Washington DC is here for you! We are a professional, licensed and insured provider of air duct cleaning across the nation and in your immediate area.

Instead of making a sweeping generalization that air duct cleaning is necessary and will benefit your health, Air Duct Cleaning Washington DC will discuss the age and condition of your heating and cooling system, air ducts, air registers, etc. with you to assist you in determining if air duct cleaning is right for you.

EPA Recommendation

As many people have learned through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), studies are mixed as to whether regular air duct cleaning actually benefits your health and the quality of your indoor breathing environment. The reason for this is that it is unknown as to whether or not dust and debris in the air ducts actually leads to dust and debris inside the breathing space. In addition, much dust and allergenic particles enter the inside space from open windows, open doors, and are carried in when people and animals walk inside from outside.

Dustless Duct - Air duct cleaning

However, the EPA does recognize that there are certain conditions when air duct cleaning can be beneficial to your home. If you see mold-like substances growing inside the air ducts, you should have this tested. If it is in fact mold, the air ducts and heating/cooling system should be cleaned to get rid of the mold. We recommend you call Washington DC Air Duct Cleaning to perform this job, as it must be done perfectly. If the mold is not completely removed and all of the system cleaned, the mold will just spread again.

The EPA also recognizes that if there is significant amount of dust and debris visible inside the air ducts, an air duct cleaning service will be beneficial, as this only makes common sense.

Finally, the EPA suggests that if your air ducts are infested with rats, mice or other vermin, air duct cleaning is appropriate and beneficial as well. Again, this job must be done thoroughly, and an exterminator will be required as well.

Air Duct Cleaning Washington DC Services

Air Duct Cleaning Washington DC is happy to assist you in any and every way we can. We will explain the entire process to you so that you are comfortable with knowing exactly what will happen. We have thoroughly trained our cleaning technicians to handle a variety of types of heating and cooling systems, as many are different from one another, especially older systems. No matter what your system type or age, you can rest assured that we will properly and thoroughly clean all parts.

Air Duct Cleaning Washington DC will not skip over any portion of air duct cleaning; most common parts of a heating and cooling system include the supply, supply main and supply branches, humidifier, return, filter, air handling unit, drain pan, and blower. When all portions are properly cleaned, you will most likely see increased energy efficiency and cost savings.

Please call Air Duct Cleaning Washington DC at 202-558-2506 today to learn more about our vent duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, and other services.

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